SailingMetrics App

We offer an app for Android and iOS devices that covers a wide range of applications for sailors and dinghy sailors: Location tracking, performance analysis and regatta management.

Location tracking for sailors

Our app allows you to easily track your location whilst sailing relying on the GPS sensor of your device.

Once you have completed your track or training session, you can directly upload your data to SailingMetrics to analyze your track and calculate metrics such as maximum speed, velocity made good (VMG) or velocity made good on course (VMC).

App for regatta management

Finding volunteers to organize and run a sailing regatta becomes more and more challenging. With the SailingMetrics app you can easily take the finish time of sailors in a regatta along with a picture when crossing the finish line. Hence sailors to not only know their ranking but also their exact finish time.

Currently we offer a first version of our app for Android devices.

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