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Competitions and rankings

Check out competitions on our platform, join sailing events across the world and improve your skills by entering our ranking lists.

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21.04.2024 - 21.04.2024
17.02.2024 - 18.02.2024
Sailing analytics

With SailingMetrics you can easily record your sailing track and analyse at a later stage. You can also compare your track with other sailors to learn from it and to improve your sailing skills.

Sailing app

The SailingMetrics app is currently available for Android and offers a range of helpful features for sailors:

  • Location tracking along with video recording
  • Streaming functionality for remote coaching
  • Time tracking for sailing competitions

New opportunities for the sailing community

Recreational Sailor

With our platform you can easily document and share your sailing experience. It is also a great starting point for beginners to advance the level of sailing.

Competitive Sailor

The focus of our platform is to support sailors on their journey to develop better racing skills and become more successful in sailing competitions.


Through data analysis, visualisation and a detailed training plan, we support dinghy sailing trainers to see students grow, learn and become more successful.

Professional Sailor

We work with world-class sailing athletes analysing sailing data to help improving performance and getting better results. Please contact us for further information.

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Benefits of using our sailing platform

Free basic account

Our basic account is free to use without any hidden fees. We also provide more sophisticated plans that come with additional functionality for more advanced dinghy sailors, professional sailors and trainers.

Share and document

Our platform makes it easy to document your dinghy sailing sessions. We allow you to write comments for your sessions, illustrate your track on a map in case you have GPS data and show your dinghy sailing video stream.

Analyse and improve

Our platform provides you with detailed statistics and actionable insights that can help you to improve your sailing skills.
Our platform is the go to place for aspiring dinghy sailors keen on becoming more successful.